Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ash Ra Tempel - Inventions for Electric Guitar (1974)

Hey, Manuel Göttsching has good taste in scarves bad taste in facial expressions. He also put together some hypnotic minimalism for us. This is where the Krebs cycle, traffic patterns in London, orbiting galaxies, and the schooling behavior of fish all become one. Speed up or slow down any of these behaviors appropriately, assign a musical note to a specific pattern, and this is the music that you will get.

Echo Waves at 12:30 melts into a nightmare of free radicals, attacking every chemical bond within reach. But, if you're not paying super close attention, you don't even notice until the cancer has spread to your bones. It's the development of a ring species condensed into a few moments of music.

Bathe in stars as your mitochondria hum these tunes.


erik b and rakim said...

krebs cycle, free radicals, mitochondria (from yo momma). nice bio references. but im still not going to download a face liek that (jk)

Scott D said...

you know, i really really love this record a lot and it falls just short of pissing me off how easy it is to find it here. (i had a bitch of a time finding it a few years ago).

i have to admit though, i will always always love e2-e4 more. as well, i'll pull my copy of it out religiously each year the first time the weather gets cold (or, as cold as it gets here). listening to "inventions..." is reserved for a special mood.