Monday, June 29, 2009

Icecross - Icecross (1973)

This album is a total blogger wet dream. Whoa, underappreciated, anti-religious, fuzzed out psych rock From Iceland! Download and archive away!

But honestly, this record has a pretty great proto-metal vibe, as well as riffs, and, fortunately, the one song about being a sad guy is followed up with a song making fun of Christianity, which somehow still exists 36 years later despite the best efforts of Icecross.

Weird almost fusionesque riffing starts off 1999. Flirting with several different modes leading into a choppy, undulating verse. Also note the drummer's exuberant over-playing: crashing like crazy and making more than ample use of his toms. Works out quite well for the herky-jerky vibe of the song, if you ask me. Similarly, Scared makes excellent use of a plodding riff made up of fourths, which gives a nicely pseudo-dissonant sound to lead into another segment with very strange rhythmic emphasis.

Fans of Flower Travellin Band, Black Sabbath and/or Mountain, point your internet here:


Roger Camden said...

I'm checking this out.

(cover looks familiar—seems like I may have heard this before)


Todd said...

Like I said, I'm sure this record has been blogged about many many times!

RSS said...

Sounds great. My dick is half erect already just from the description.

Anonymous said...

"which somehow still exists 36 years later despite the best efforts of Icecross."

Dan said...

I listen to this band after reading this, and for some reason it reminded me a lot of this band:

They are nice and..strange.

Todd said...

Cool, the harmonic minor reminds me a bit of that Erkin Koray record I posted. Let's see here:

Anonymous said...

sweet. thank you. great stuff.