Monday, March 15, 2010

Antonio Carlos Jobim - Wave (1967)

This is music that my mom likes. About once a month, she talks to me about being interested in new music, but she mostly sticks to her Putumayo CDs. However, I've managed to get her a few bossa nova albums that she plays regularly, and that is something that I feel good about. This is the least I can do for this strong woman who I love.

Click on that *Brazil tag to see how I feel about the bossa nova melody. My god, that shit is so beautiful! Most of these tracks are instrumental, with the melodies carried by wind instruments or piano. I wish the guitars were mixed a little bit louder so I could better hear the chord voicings. Lots of ii-Vs; that minor seven chord really just speaks to me and only me. You could never understand. No one has ever felt like this before. Perfect for getting lost in feelings that are being had for the first time ever in the history of the human race.

The "bum bum" in Lamento is fucking great. I feel it vibrate down the entire length of my okapi tongue.

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Peter said...

I'm not going to read this post because it's center aligned.

Todd said...

Fucking div tags. Fixed.

I mean not like you can read anyway.