Sunday, September 12, 2010

Buzzcocks - Singles Going Steady

My rock band aka Pagan Youth aka Pagan Diaper is playing a Halloween show as the Buzzcocks, because the fucking Buzzcocks are one of my biggest songwriting influences. I'm doing double-duty with Like Rats is playing as Black Flag, so be on the lookout.

As a young youth*, I remember checking out the Buzzcocks and being sorely disappointed because they weren't that punk, you know? I was into The Broadways & Rancid & NOFX & assorted skacore bands and had started to dig into The Clash & The Ramones. I thought the Buzzcocks were stupid, but I was actually the one who was stupid. Why can't I ever do anything right please help meeeeeee.

Anyway, these are extremely, phenomenally catchy pop songs played with just a little bit of punk edge. What I care about are the little melodic tricks that elevate these hooks to transcendental status. The key change in the hook of "Ever Fallen in Love..." is the most obvious example, as is the major to minor chord change in "Everybody's Happy Nowadays" (total Beach Boys rip on that vocal melody; not just cuz it's falsetto although that makes it more obvious; I know because I also ripped off "Keep an Eye on Summer") as is the sharp five going into the chorus in "I Don't Mind." Another band known to always be doing cool stuff like that is THE BEATLES. So tite.

*link removed*

*First time I've ever seen this video. Weird.


Roger Camden said...

I listen to this record at least once a month
(usually way more often)
it's basically a master class in edgy pop songwriting
(also, no-frills recording)
I don't think I've ever heard any of their "proper" records more than once
Buzzcocks were a singles band, though and through

Peter said...

you never liked rancid!

wrong idea bria said...

your posts are getting more and more funny and my "captcha" image for this particular comment says "jewers".


Todd said...

Roger, their comeback records are actually really good, too! Friend James turned me onto them recently.
Peter, are you high?
Bria, my blog used to be WAY funnier. You must be high.