Monday, May 23, 2011

Huey "Piano" Smith - Having a Good Time (1959)

This chunk of proto-rock/proto-R&B has the same song over and over, but at least it's a good song. It also has the same descending piano lick over and over, but at least it's a good lick.

"Don't You Just Know It" was on these Wolfman Jack compilation tapes my dad gave me as a youth, and I was obsessed with it. I had impeccable taste, even as a child. Somehow that all went wrong around the onset of puberty when I got really into ska.

Anyway, this shit is unbearably catchy, and you can probably make some friends with these call & response choruses.


Bourj said...

Your review reminds me of what the great EVH once said about AC/DC. "The thing is, they only really wrote one song...but it was a really good song."

Todd said...

Here is one of those AC/DC songs that is a song about committing petty crimes written by aging multi-millionaires.

Anonymous said...

You know (Am I being dense? Maybe this is y'r point) that New Orleans R&B sound from the 50s is kinda where ska comes from. Great record.