Saturday, November 15, 2008

Coroner - No More Color (1989)

Mistress of Deception and Tunnel of Pain are just so fun to play on guitar right now that I have to post this Coroner album. M of D has one of my go-to riffs when I am trying to impress dads with my guitar abilities. Also, when I was partying the other day, dudes liked my Coroner shirt. One love, dogs!

No More Color is Coroner's most focused album, and, when dealing with technical metal, focus is extremely important. Odd time signatures and mixed meter are used in as emphasis in a larger song structure:

1. The little hesitation before the last chorus on Die By My Hand.

2. Why it Hurts starting at ~1:09 is a perfect example of how to have a context for a weird time signature. That first frowny part leads into the dissonance brainpower part so so nicely.

The rhythmic pummelling of thrash relies on a keen ear to switch between stomping on the beat and syncopating, either within the same riff or by pairing riffs together. Also big shout-out to drummer "Marquis Marky" for knowing when to give riffs space and when to add in flair. This is one of the most important things that everyone who is stupid should learn.


Stephen said...

"Also, when I was partying the other day, dudes liked my Coroner shirt. One love, dogs!"


Anonymous said...

yeah, man, sweet punishment for decadence tee. i will now intersteal this album. thank you.


Todd said...

Haha I almost posted Punishment but at the last second I had a change of heart.

Rich said...

Context and contrast in music is essential. Messhugah overdo their odd time signatures, so you don't really feel them. A little 4/4 time would go a long way. I've always admired their chops, but their cock-eyed judgement gets in the way.