Monday, November 10, 2008

Guerilla Maab - Rise (1999)

Is this the best intentional misspelling in a group name ever, or what? I want to know what neurons nu-metals, hardcore rappers & Prince share that turns their keyboards into some sort of dyslexic teenage girl text message paradise

These songs are brutally honest and emotionally raw. Time to take a stand: Emotion in music has come to mean an angst-ridden whinefest about not having social skills, but this is about the struggle of maintaining a life-affirming attitude in face of an oppressive society, and between doing what is necessary to survive and doing what one believes is right. The anger and melancholy that permeate Z-Ro's solo album Look What You Did to Me are here, as is the expected bravado. It seems almost trite to talk about the contradictions inherent in this type of recording, but I must point out that these contradictions exist because the songs are about life, not about ideology or not knowing how to talk to girls.

Also included is dudes being high quoting TMNT and The Simpsons, then making prank phone calls as Pinky in search of The Brain.

EDIT: Hey look, the ANUS blog made basically the same post, except they are talking about AC/DC. Cool:


Stephen said...

"Emotion in music has come to mean an angst-ridden whinefest about not having social skills"

hahaha. This is a wise assessment.

Also, "Nu-metals."

Stephen said...

man, none of these tracks are labeled! get in the game bro!

Todd said...

Whatever fruit I just keep my shit in folders - sorry for hand-picking free music for you!

Andy said...

now todd, dont be foul.

msr. funiat said...

i like your taste, but wasn't impressed til you threw out guerilla maab. what is it, "as the world turns slow" that features one of these tracks very prominently? from which i searched for anything by these guys i could find.

i'm enjoying reading your blog, but wishing you'd hash out your entries more. i like what you have to say, but i want more. this shit feels like crack, like these records come and go too quick.

Todd said...

Interesting that you mention wanting to read more, as I've been thinking about that a bit with my last few entries.

My agenda has been to make a point or two with each record that someone can actually take something home from, and I worry that, if the entries get too dense, people won't learn anything from them. But yeah, I sometimes want to say a lot more, too. Interesting dilemma!

Anonymous said...
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