Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Super Rail Band - New Dimensions in Rail Culture (1982)

Band names, like lyrics, are one of those things that are always kind of stupid. However, this is in the running for the best: Super Rail Band Of The Buffet Hotel Del La Gare De Bamako, Mali. Hell yeah, motherfucks. The fucking rail administration of Mali sponsored this shit. How cool is that, and how do I apply?

Attn: Rail Adminstration of Mali
I can play a lot of Megadeth songs on guitar and various arpeggios, so whenever you're ready, just leave me a comment and we'll see what's good.

So, the music. We've got some shredders: Foliba at 3:50. We've got cool syncopated rhythms. We've got two vocalists with really rad super-clear voices. Songs are based on a groove more than anything else, and, when I listen to this, I have a weird association with driving a van full of sleeping dudes through Nebraska.


thesunchild said...

Goddamn this record is great. I don't know if it is better than Feet on Fire, which I play all the time. Please up more of your favorite African records.

Todd said...

Request noted, brother. I've got several drafts that I'm probably going to post first, but the next new thing I put together will be about Africa.

Anonymous said...

Hey, great post, very hard time finding this record on the net. Can you pls re-up? the link is not working, thanks very much!

Todd said...

Mediafire deleted my account. E-mail me and I'll send it to you.