Thursday, January 29, 2009

Varukers - Another Religion, Another War (1984)

I'm in a band where my main song-writing inspiration is Celtic Frost. This works out pretty well for me since I think about Celtic Frost most of the time.

Now, back in the early & mid 80's, Tom G Warrior was probably spending a lot of time thinking about Motörhead and Discharge and Amebix and the fucking Varukers. So, according to logic and the transitive property, I am spending a lot of time thinking about the Varukers, which, all things considered, is a pretty rad thing to think about.

Most of the things that I said about Deep Wound also apply to the Varukers, a blur of d-beat aggression into the rhythmic emphasis of the chorus. What's the deal with the d-beat though? It's like once you reach a certain bpm, what is ostensibly just a basic backbeat with syncopation leading up to the fourth beat flips into this weird intuition defying monster that lends itself nicely to an ambient syncopation hum over which chords can fly in any which way they please. Super cool, wish I understood it.

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Stephen said...

I saw the Varukers once at Chicago Fest 2000. The punks loved it.