Monday, April 26, 2010

War Cry - Trilogy of Terror Demo (1983)

Metal celebrity Paul Speckmann's (of Master & Death Strike duh) early work. While his later bands recorded some of the best primitive riffing of all time, this is Sabbath worship at its finest. Chicago metal, represent represent.

Later doom bands can plod, but they are not this heavy because their songs are boring. Later stoner bands know the pentatonic scale, but that riff factory is about worn out. This demo deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Saint Vitus & Trouble.

Also, I'm a connoisseur of "ooh"s, and the one at the beginning of "Wicked Warlock" is fucking phenomenal. Nice and drawn out. It's also cool because it sounds like dude is pushing down on his floating bridge while chugging, so the pitch keeps wavering. Happy accident or genius subtle touch? Either way: WICKED WARLOCK! OOH!


erik b and rakim said...

todd do you like robyn

Todd said...

YES. Do you like this?

Anonymous said...

This kills so hard

Scott said...

yeah, this kicks ass.

and i have an oddball question for you: i could have sworn it was somewhere in this blog that i got turned on to night after night, who have just been kicking my ass all over the place lately. i can't find it on here though. was that you?

Todd said...

Scott, it couldn't have been me as I have never heard of Night After Night!