Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Zombies - The Lost Album (1969)

"I'll Call You Mine" is my favorite Zombies song. "Walking in the Sun" is also up there. It sounds like some bossa nova ass shit with the mournful brass playing somber melodies. So beautiful. "I Could Spend the Day" is quite a bit bluesier & heavier than standard Zombies fare, which actually works out really well in this case. And a bit more grit in Colin Blunstone's breathy voice is a welcome addition, if only to hear what it sounds like.

There is also a cool hokey "live" track with weird applause after each vocal part. Reminds me of Type O Negative's Origin of the Feces.

Fuck, I think "I'll Call You Mine" might actually be my favorite song. So what you should do is listen to these songs and feel extreme envy for The Zombies' song-writing brilliance and also the tone of Colin Blunstone's voice. Then, you can feel a bit better about yourself because some of these tracks are really weak.

Note: It is my duty to recommend these videos on insulin resistance and metabolism. As someone who thinks about nutrition a lot, these have been impossibly valuable to me. So far I've watched twice to try to absorb everything, and I'll probably give another go 'round soon.


lew said...

lame pun, Lamer.

Todd said...

What pun?

erik b and rakim said...

i love colin blunstone

my fav zombies track:

Todd said...

Who wouldn't scream over a dream like Colin and with his dreamy voice...whoa, hold me down!

Jeff said...

You are crazy. The best Zombies song is either I Want Her She Wants Me or Care of Cell 44. Or maybe I'm just big on Beach Boy harmonies

Todd said...

"Care of Cell 44" is number two. That piano line at the beginning of "I'll Call You Mine" destroys all.