Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Verlaines - Juvenilia (1987)

I'm posting this record because I've been obsessed with the long phrase that makes up the verse of the first song. That chord progression relentlessly forces all of my hairs to stand on end. If I can ever write a pop song that has a similar melodic effect, I will just pee in my own pants all day because that is all that there is left to do.

This is a collection of The Verlaines early EPs, and is chock-full of that good, nice, wonderful & catchy white-guy rock. Those Flying Nun white guys were really cranking it out in the 80s. Get obsessively into it.


Andy said...

Yes! I fucking love "Bird Dog", so I will probably fucking love this as well!

Daniel Shea said...

The record cover looks like it would be an early-90's hardcore record, complete with an unintelligible B&W crowd shot.

Todd said...

@Shea - HA!