Thursday, June 17, 2010

September - Dancing Shoes (2007)

My Kylie Minogue post got taken down, so, here's this September record to fill the void.* This is really along the same lines: disco dance pop that bangs it from top to bottom. Bang bang bang. You probably remember "Cry For You" from the radio a few years ago. "Just Dance" was popular around the same time, and these two compositions are eternally linked for me as "songs where I like the pre-chorus more than the chorus."

The melodies on this record tread the epic dance pop path, but defy expectations just enough. The beginning of the chorus of "Can't Get Over" bites a well-known pop song that I can't quite get off the tip of my brain right now,** but the second part of the phrase takes an epic twist that really gets the endorphins flowing. The real strength of this album is its focus, though. The tempos stay up, and there aren't tons of syrupy bullshit ballads buffering the singles.

Also, I was listening to mainstream urban radio today, and they transitioned from Mobb Deep "Quiet Storm" into some fucking stupid-ass Black Eyed Peas song, and it was unbearably jarring. Evan Parker into September is my blogger tribute to this upsetting transition.


*Just kidding, nothing can fill the void.


wrong idea bria said...

oh shit! i thought i'd never find out what that "cry for you" song was.

straight banger.

Todd said...

I do a mean acoustic guitar white guy rendition of it as well. My mom was impressed.

Roger Camden said...

More Than a Feeling by Boston

Todd said...