Monday, December 21, 2009

Originoo Gunn Clappaz - Da Storm (1996)

I looked at the "Boot Camp Clik" label over on the left there, and I was surprised to only see a little "1" in parentheses next to it. This is something that must change. ORIGINOO GUNN CLAPPAZ 2 DA RESKEW. Yeah with that gritty New York sound that I love.

Beatminerz provide stark, understated production. The arpeggios in "Gunn Clapp" take me to a better place, and "Danjer" reminds me of the dungeon music in some sort of Secret of Mana-ass video game. Oh yeah and notice the shared sample in "Da Storm" and the Dr. Octagon intro. Short post this week, so rest your eyes with some seltzer water and pumpernickel bread.

What's up what's up, what's up what's up what's up.


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Anonymous said...

This is a stormy release, one thing i find weird is..da storm is underrated compared to the previous boot camp releases. Starang was da thunder, sluggah was the rain and d.o was the blowing wind.

Todd said...

I think this record is properly "rated" right behind Enta da Stage & Dah Shinin, although I find that a surprising number of people who should be really into Boot Camp. don't listen to Boot Camp at all.